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Projects and Websites

These are a few projects I’ve completed, mostly as excuses to play with different bits of technology I haven’t had the opportunity to employ at my day job. In addition to what is listed below, I also have a few things published on GitHub.

Subscription service for creating word search puzzles aimed at school teachers K-12. Built using Backbone.js and Ruby on Rails.
Allows a user to find the USPS blue mailboxes located nearest him/her. I scraped the mailbox data from the USPS website. The front-end is written using Backbone.js; the web back-end employs Ruby on Rails.
This is a large (~100,000 page) website built with Jekyll and hosted on Amazon S3. It exposes data on public schools and districts that is published by the United States government (but is otherwise, as far as I know, not presented anywhere in a friendly manner).
Web-based tool for creating favicons and app icons. This is a single-page app built using Backbone.js and hosted on Amazon S3.
Web interface for the old-skool CLI tool FIGlet. I built this site using the PHP framework Laravel 4, and the Javascript MVC library Backbone.js.
This is the blog you are reading right now. I’m using Octopress for this piece of work. It’s awesome.